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Juggling ads, campaigns, ticketing, support, and internal communication? We offer you one tool to rule them all.

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Ticket Sales

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Our Goal

Selling tickets isn't everything. Attracting visitors and showing off your creative work is also part of the game. With entrello we can now offer you a comprehensive tool for a wide range of use cases. We have been working with organizers from various event industries since 2010 and have expanded our software to create seamless experiences for you and your visitors.

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Partners trusting us
These are some partners, successfully selling tickets and managing events with entrello.


Expand your audience and sell more tickets


  1. Customize your own webshop
  2. Sell your tickets
  3. Offer vouchers
Available Payment Methods
Visa, Master, American Express, EPS (AT), GiroPay (DE), PayPal (oppwa-only) and other on request

Target audience

  1. Create campaigns that line up with your visitors wishes
  2. Plan campaigns in advance and analyse their efficiency

Content Creation and Distribution

  1. Easily distribute your promo-codes and newsletter to your audience
  2. Say goodbay to mailchimp and co. we offer you a fully features newsletter system


  1. Entrello notifies your visitors, so they will never forget a far away booked event

Booking Level and Stats

  1. manage your campaigns, promo codes and booking levels

Reports and analytics

  1. Provide your accounting department the best data
  2. when collaborating with sales partners we offer you ready-to-go reports to clear your balance

Vouchers and Fan-Cards

  1. Increase your revenue with gift cards
  2. Customize our templates and quickly create vouchers

Box Office

  1. We support Boca and ZPL (Zebra, Godex) ticket printers
  2. Cashier reports
  3. Entrance control with QR code scanner

On-site tools

  • Cash registry
  • Thermal ticket printers
  • Entry Check-in app
  • Payment terminal integration
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Choose a pricing plan
You can create and manage events without risk or cost. We only charge you a commission if you sell tickets in the shop. In order to be able to use the full range of our marketing tools, you have to pay a basic price.
Free plan
Unlimited Events
Unlimited Tickets
Unlimited Prices
Marketer plan
49€ / Month
Basic plan features
3 Active Campaigns
Seating Plan
Promo Codes
Messages to your visitors
100 messages/month
Pro plan
199€ / Month
Basic and Marketer plan features
Your Webshop design
Your email domain sender
Unlimited campaigns
Personal Onboarding
Faster Support
1000 messages/month
In addition, there is a fee of 9% plus 0,95 € for each ticket sold via the webshop. The costs for processing payment from our partners are included. There are no charges added for free tickets and sales through other channels. Your visitors are not charged any additional fees.
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