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Case Studies

Entrello offers a broad pallete of features to work with many different use cases. We have collected a list of use cases to show you the most relevant features for the topic fitting you most.

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Small Theatres

A small theatre is running their ticket sales not from a dedicated box office. It rather tries to achieve a full sold out event with very small staff.

Large Theatres

Large Theatres have to deal with a lot of different events and a lot of different people. They need a system that can handle a lot of different events and a lot of different people.


A concert must be as full as possible. We have marketing tools, that can help you planing your campagins to get the audience.

Sports Events Applications

You need an application form for your attending teams? We have a prooven solution for you. Ask your attendees for their names, let them pay in advance the starting fee.

Online Events

Online events can have very specific requirements. This starts with a login code instead of a ticket and ends with automatic participant registration


Personalized tickets, registration fee, overview

Partners trusting us
These are some partners, successfully selling tickets and managing events with entrello.
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